Rattled by recent events, the Legends dive into work which finds them investigating an Anachronism in a Viking settlement in the New World. The Legends realize that the Norsemen are worshipping an artifact as their god and are surprised by the artifact’s origin. For the first time, Sara is worried that they might need back up when Damien Darhk shows up. Meanwhile, Jax finds a loophole that could potentially change history, but it is a risk he is willing to take.

Aired: December 5, 2017

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Beebo the God of War (s03e09)

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  • Show

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow
    Season 3, Episode 9

  • First aired

    December 5, 2017
    on The CW

  • Director

    Kevin Mock

  • Writer

    Grainne Godfree, James Eagan

  • Guest stars

    Neal McDonough, Wentworth Miller, Courtney Ford, Graeme McComb, John Noble, Jes Macallan, Thor Knai, Katia Winter, Emily Tennant

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