Liv and Blaine come to the rescue of one of their own. They consume the brains of a conspiracy theorist and paranoia ensues. Meanwhile, as they continue to search for conspiracy theories that may or may not exist, Liv researches Major’s new friend. Finally, Ravi makes a surprising discovery of his own.

Aired: June 13, 2017

iZombie - Conspiracy Weary (s03e11)

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  • Show

    Season 3, Episode 11

  • First aired

    June 13, 2017
    on The CW

  • Director

    Mark Piznarski

  • Writer

    Bob Dearden

  • Guest stars

    Jason Dohring, Tongayi Chirisa, Andrew Caldwell, Bryce Hodgson, Robert Salvador, Kurt Evans, Anjali Jay, James Pizzinato, Ella Cannon, Brendan Fletcher, Sarah Jurgens

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